About AA

Architecture Awareness’ mission is to better your life by helping you to understand architecture’s meaning and provide you with tools to appreciate it, so that you may be able to generate value aiming at higher standards.

Your better understanding of the meaning and value of architecture will allow you to better enjoy architecture and to better the quality of your life physically, spiritually and financially. Yours and each person’s success will produce new possibilities in the creation of a better future for all.

It is possible. It is possible to build better housing, better schools and better public spaces for millions. It is possible, from the actions of few, to create thousands of new civilization hubs, like those who became Athens, Rome, Constantinople and Florence.
It is possible to change the world by making dreams contagious. It is possible to raise the level of consciousness of what comes through your eyes every day of your life similarly to the importance of being aware of what you put into your body through your mouth.
One does not need to be an architect to understand the history of architecture, to understand the principles of architecture and the process of moving from dream to program to design to construction. Everyone can understand it, even children.

Awareness is much more than information; it is information meaningful to you.

Architecture Awareness as a learning tool has five branches: Basics, Case Studies, Cities, Traveling Tools and History of Architecture.


has three parts: The Times of Architecture, The Principles of Architecture and The Process of Architecture. The Times of Architecture gives an overview of the last 32,000 years of architecture history; the Principles of Architecture provides criteria to analyze architectural work; and the Process of Architecture supplies tools to dream purposely, to quantify and qualify a dream into a program, and to become aware of the design process, from conception to completion.

Case Studies

refer to historic and contemporary buildings and places that may be relevant for the design of the future. I’ll bring into it my insights on some of Frank Lloyd Wright’s works and also on the works of contemporary architects and and visionaries, known and less known. The approach is more of interpretation than of plain information. What can we learn from Venice and from from the cathedrals of the Middle Ages applicable tomorrow? What is to learn from the works of some contemporary architects that is applicable at a global scale?


includes meaningful observations on some cities I know better (Rome, Venice, Buenos Aires, Barcelona, Paris, Tel Aviv, Los Angeles) and cities that I may still explore. The emphasis shall be on putting up questions and suggesting possible answers: Why are Rome’s Spanish Steps and Piazza Navona such strong magnets of people? What can be learn from Venice’s traffic separation between pedestrians and transportation? What is the connection between Paris’ Promenade des Arts and New York’s High Line?

Traveling Tools

helps you to plan your architecture trip to optimize your time and expenses while you are traveling. How to define your objectives and plan your itineraries. What are other “secondary” places to see near your main targets that you should be aware of and include in your plan. How to choose a place to rest, a place to eat. How to be “flexible” for changes of weather or unpreviewed situations. What to do with your impressions and documentation (photos, videos, brochures) when you return back home.

History of Architecture

is a synoptic non-academic view of some messages from the past relevant to the creation of the future. What can we learn from prehistoric caves, from “architecture without architects?” How did Greece use temples to define its presence? How the use of concrete revolutionized Roman architecture? How were the cathedrals built? Why were Brunelleschi and Michelangelo modern? What can we learn from Utopian architecture? And beyond: architecture in China, India, Japan, Cambodia, Islam, pre-Colombian America.

This is a work-in-progress. I believe that this new adventure will take you to places and open possibilities beyond of what you can imagine right now. Join me in this process!