3MArts Videos Productions

Meghiddo Multiple Media Arts

Architecture, the Environment and Biographic Videos & Film


Facebook-Video-Tab3MArts is about merging knowledge in multiple mediums – architectural design, the visual arts and film, to produce promotional and educational videos.

3MArts has four branches:

Architecture Videos

Our objective is to deliver a meaningful message to a vast audience. The subjects can be of current or historic relevance. They can be about existing buildings, buildings’ complexes, or a particular area of the city. This branch is particularly suitable for architects’ promotion, profit and non-profit organizations, city governments and educational film and television. It also realizes commissioned work for art galleries, museums, artists and designers.

Environmental Videos

Many of the videos published in Architecture Awareness have been conceived under the umbrella title of “Spaces for People.” They include parks, pedestrian promenades and beaches. They may also include national parks and archaeological sites.

Biography Videos

On-camera interviews are supported by subject-related visuals of photographs and historic footage.

Commercials and Trailers

This branch includes architects’ promotional videos of their work, architectural real estate and trailers.


New House for Santa Monica Lifestyle from Rick Meghiddo on Vimeo.



Following a preliminary consultation where the scope of the project is defined, we provide a proposal of video or film cost and time estimate, and the terms of an agreement. Typically they include pre-production (research, scripting, budgeting and scheduling,) production (shooting) and post-production (editing and exporting.)