M. Arch., University of California, Los Angeles, 1980.
Thesis: “Space Awareness.”
Co-Tutors: Professors Helmut Schulitz, Marv Adelson and David Stea

Dott. Arch., University of Rome, Italy, 1970.
Thesis: “The University of Eilat as an Urban Matrix.”
Co-Tutors: Prof. Bruno Zevi and Architect Luigi Pellegrin


Architect, State of California, 1981 to present.
Architect, State of Israel, 1971 to 2017.
LEED Accredited Professional, U. S. Green Building Council, 2006.
Real Estate Broker, State of California, 1985-91, 2011 to present.


2022  Award Winner, Short Documentary, “Rethinking Symbolism,” Best Editing, Sidney Australian Film Festival
            Award Winner, Revelation Category, “The New OCMA,” Dubai Film Festival
            Award Winner, Short Documentary, “Rethinking Symbolism,” Budapest Film Festival
           Official Selection, Architecture Design Art Film Festival, Palm Springs, “Art Snippets in L.A.”
           Official Selection, 8th Logcinema Art Film, “Art Snippets in L.A..”
           Official Selection, Golden Giraffe International Film Festival, Paris, Best Short Documentary,”Rethinking Symbolism.”
           Official Selection, Golden Giraffe International Film Festival, Paris, Best Historical Film, “Zevi – Our Story.”
           Official Selection, Snow Leopard International Film Festival, Madrid, Best Short Documentary, Art Snippets in L.A.”
           Official Selection, Arrow International Film Festival, Paris, Best Short Documentary, Art Snippets in L.A.”
           Official Selection, Liber Films International Festival, Athens, Best Historical Film, “Zevi – Our Story.”
           Official Selection, Liber Films International Festival, Athens, Best Short Documentary, Art Snippets in L.A.”
           Official Selection, Cine Paris Film Festival, Best Historical, “Zevi – Our Story.”
           Official Selection, Cine Paris Film Festival, Best Short Documentary, “Rethinking Symbolism.”
           Official Selection, Metropolis Film Festival, Milan, Best Doc Short, “Zevi – Our Story.”
           Official Selection, Zagreb International Film Festival, Best Short Documentary, Art Snippets in L.A.’
           Official Selection, Dispatches of War, Kyiv, Documentary films and Journalism, “From Ukraine to Basavilbaso.”
           Official Selection, Your Way International Film Festival, Paris, Best Short Documentary, Art Snippets in L.A.”
           Official Selection, FilmArte Festival, Berlin, Documentary Short, “Rethinking Symbolism.”
           Official Selection, Kamianets-Podilsky International Film Festival, Documentary Short Film, “From Ukraine to Basavilbaso.”
           Official Selection, 10th Logcinema Art Films, Los Angeles, Best Short, “Art Snippets in L.A.’
2021 Gold Special Mention, ArteNonStop Film Festival,  Buenos Aires, “Piazzolla Con Brio”
           Official Selection, ArteNonStop Film Festival, Buenos Aires, “Art Snippets in L.A.”
           Official Selection, ArteNonStop Film Festival, Buenos Aires, “As We Saw It”
           Official Selection, FilmArte Festival, Madrid, “Art Snippets in L.A.”
2011 Honor Award, American Institute of Architects National Photo Contest
2005 Certificate of Appreciation, Long Beach City Council
2005 Award of Excellence, Community Redevelopment Agency
2004 Award of Excellence, Community Redevelopment Agency
2004 First District Community Partners Award, Long Beach City Council
2004 Finalist, Discovery Well Park Public Art Competition, Signal Hill
2000 Best 2000 AIA Members Overseas Annual Selection: Senior Housing, Jaffa
1998 Second Prize: Senior Community Center Design Competition, Ashdod
1992 Grant: Israel Ministry of Absorption’s Science Absorption Center
for research on Artificial Islands at the Technion.
1980 Second Prize: Business Entertainment Center Competition, Pomona
1974 First Prize: 5,000 Dwelling-Unit Conceptual Design Competition for
High Density
1973 Honor Award: Ma’arat Elihau Museum Design Competition, Haifa


2003 – 2007 Board Member, Redevelopment Agency, Long Beach
Appointed by Long Beach’s City Mayor, Beverly O’Neill
2003 – 2007 Board Member, Long Beach Advisory Committee for
Public Art (ACPA)

2003 – Present – Director and Board Member of the Architectural Foundation of Orange County
2001 – 2002 Project Manager, Design and Construction Services,
University of California, Irvine – For the California Institute for Information Technology

1997 – 1999 Coordinator, Graduating Projects, Technion, Israel Institute of Technology, School of Architecture and Town Planning
1992 – 1993 Research Coordinator for Artificial Islands, Technion, Israel
Institute of Technology, School of Architecture and Town Planning


2003 Lecturer, History of Architecture, University of California, Irvine, School of Social Ecology, Department of Urban and Regional
1995 – 1999 Adjunct Senior Teaching Associate, Tutor for Graduating Projects Technion, School of Architecture and Town Planning
1998 Israeli Delegation Chair, Italian-Israeli-Palestinian Urban Design
Workshop, Palermo, Italy.
1993 – 1995 Adjunct Senior Teaching Associate, Tutor for Interior Architecture at the Technion’s School of Architecture and Town Planning.
1992 – 1993 Design Studio Instructor, Tel Aviv College, Architectural Design, Graduating Project
1990 – 1991 Teacher, Introduction to Architecture Workshop, Mirman School for Gifted Children, Los Angeles



2021 – Beverly O’Neill Performing Arts Center Sign, Long Beach / Long Beach Convention Center
2010 – The Killing Fields Memorial Plaza, Long Beach / The
Redevelopment Agency
2009 – Hillcrest Care Center, Long Beach / Hillcrest Corporation
– Pacific and Anaheim Development, Long Beach / The
Redevelopment Agency
2008 – Mixed Use on Pine, Long Beach / Dawns Properties
2007 – Mixed Use Corridor Matrix / Meghiddo Architects
2006 – Parkview Village, Long Beach / Beptal, Inc.
– Shakespeare Globe Theater, Long Beach / The Globe of America
– Queen Mary Area Development, Long Beach
– Loomis Lofts, Long Beach / Appleby Development
– Koo’s Art Gallery, Long Beach / Koos
2005 – Manheim Residence, Culver City / Karl Manheim
– Magnolias on Magnolia, Long Beach / City of Long Beach
2004 – The Vault 350, Long Beach / Finance Network, LLC
– Beacon Fire, Signal Hill / City of Signal Hill
2003 – World Trade Center Memorial Competition, New York
– Newberry Building, Long Beach, 2003 / Lindborg Development
2002 – Meghiddo Loft at the Walker Building, Long Beach
2000 – 2010 Master Plan for Ramot Gimel / E, Beer Sheva / Israel
Ministry of Housing
2000 – The Teachers House, Tel Aviv / Israel’s Teachers Union
1999 – Romano Residence, Tel Aviv / Yecheskeli Family
1998 – Housing for the Elderly, Jaffa / Israel’s Ministry of Housing
– Community Center for the Elderly, Ashdod / Eshel Foundation
– Hermelin Residence, Old City of Jerusalem
1996 – Hotel Rodschild, Tel Aviv / Private Development
– Avnei Chefetz Memorial Center / The Avnei Chefetz Foundation
– Government Building Design Competition, Be’er Sheva, 1996.
1995 – Drucker Residence, Cesarea
– Belfer Residence, Ramat Hasharon
1994 – Lobby Design, Chaim Levanon 97, Tel Aviv
1993 – Greenstein Residence, Moshav Magshimim
– Bernstein Residence, Tel Aviv
1992 – Liraz Residence, Ramat Gan. Completed in 1992.
– Levy Residence, Tel Aviv
– Bino Residence, Macabbim
– Kaplinsky Residence, Kiriat Onu. .
1991 – Entrance Gate, Mirman School, Encino.
1990 – Bundy Residence, Los Angeles
– Westgate Residence, Los Angeles
1989 – Bentley Residence, West Los Angeles
– Northvale Residence, Los Angeles
1988 – Olympic West International Design Competition
1987 – Italian General Consulate and Cultural Institute, Los Angeles
1986 – Conceptual Competition “Places for People in the Year 2010”
1984 – Saines Residence, Brentwood
1982 – Bernhardt Residence, Venice, Los Angeles
1981 – Pelham Building, Los Angeles
– Robertson Building, Los Angeles
1980 – Meghiddo Residence, Westwood, Los Angeles
– Business Entertainment Center Competition, Pomona, 1980
1979 – Tradewinds Marina Yacht Club, Marina del Rey
– Regional Center Competition, Ma’alot-Tarshicha
1978 – El Centro Downtown Urban Renewal, El Centro
1977 – The Israel Pavilion at the International Fair for the Arts and
Crafts, Frankfurt, Germany, 1977
– Migdal Ha’Emek Urban Design Competition
1976 – Two hundred dwelling units housing project in Ashkelon
Israel’s Ministry of Housing
– Nilit Textile Co., Migdal Ha’emek
1976 – The Israel Pavilion at the International Fair for the Arts and
Crafts, Frankfurt, West Germany
– Prophet Elihau Museum Competition, Haifa. Award Winner.
1975 – Sharir Residence, Old City of Jaffa
– Ben David Residence, Ramat Hasharon
– Sirkin Street, Givatayim / The Society for the Beautification of
1974 – Meghiddo Residence, Tel Aviv
– Dental Clinic, Lod / Himco Co
– Conceptual Competition for the Design of a 5,000 Dwelling-Unit
Neighborhood, 1974. First Prize Winner for the High Density Category.
– Competition For the Design of a Fallen Soldiers Memorial at the
Golan Heights
– Competition for the Design of the Tumbs of David and Paula Ben
Gurion, Sdeh Boker
– Competition for the Design of Rishon Le Zion’s City Hall
1968 – Limaz Building, Buenos Aires, Argentina
A 10-story apartment and commercial building on a 6.5 x 40 meters’ site.


2015 – 2020 Projects Real Estate 
2013-2015 Associate Broker-Architect, Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage, Los Angeles
2001- 2002 UC Irvine, Design & Construction Services
Senior Project Manager for the California Institute for Communication and Information Technology.
1982-1992 Meghiddo Associates, Architecture & Real Estate – Principal
1991 Einav Architects, Tel Aviv
Senior Architect.
– Chatzerim Neighborhood, Beer Sheva – 1,300 units.
– The Chan, Eretz Israel Museum.

1977- 1978 Urban Innovations Group, Los Angeles
Project Manager for El Centro Planning and Urban Renewal.
1971- 1973 Luigi Pellegrin Architetto, Rome
Project Architect of the following projects:
– Palazzo Aldobrandini Restoration, Roma.
– Unified Scientific High School and Technical
Institute Competition, Pisa. First Prize Winner.
– Elementary School, Cutro.
– Technical School Competition, Pontedera. First
Prize Winner.
– Junior High School, Madaloni.
– Goree Island Resort Development, Senegal.
– Jet Hotel.
1970 – 1971 Ram Karmi Architects, Tel Aviv
Job Captain in charge of working drawings for the design of
Tel Aviv’s Central Bus Station.
– Conceptual Design of Hotel and Casino in St. Maarten
Caribbean Island
1968 – 1970 Luigi Pellegrin Architetto, Rome
Researcher and Junior Architect, involved in the following projects:
– Research coordinator for the University of Barcelona
International Competition. Second Prize Winner.
– The ZEN Neighborhood Design Competition, Palermo,


2021 Argentina: Buenos Aires and Cordoba. See
2018 Paris, Berlin, Rome. See, Parts 1 to 7
2016 Jerusalem, Tel Aviv. See, Jerusalem Journal and The City That Never Sleeps
2010 Rome, Budapest, Paris: Architectural Photography
2009 – 2010 Study of Cambodia’s Khmer Civilization
2009 – 2011 At Golden West College – Digital Arts
2009 Editing Workshop with Jack Grapes
2006 London and Budapest Photography
1995 – 1996 Study on Venice and Carlo Scarpa.
1994 Art and Architecture in Provence.
1987 – 1991 Poetry Workshop with Jack Grapes
1989 At ISOMATA: Creative Writing with Norman Corwin.
1984 – 1988 At UCLA’s Extension:
– Real Estate Investment
– Financial Analysis
– Legal Aspects of Real Estate
– Contemporary Poetry
1975 At Tel Aviv’s University Department of Philosophy:
– Logic
– Greek Philosophy
– Philosophical Psychology
1971 Study on: Frank Lloyd Wright’s Organic
Architecture in the United States

Frank Lloyd Wright Works Visited and Photographed, by State

See The Wright Way 

NH Kalil House, Manchester, 1957
Zimmerman House, Manchester, 1950
MA Baird House, Amherst, 1940
CN Shepherd House, New Canaan, 1958
Fogh House, Stamford, 1955
NY Barton House, Buffalo, 1903
D. D. Martin House, Buffalo, 1904
Heath House, Buffalo, 1905
Davidson House, Buffalo, 1908
Boynton House, Rochester, 1908
Chahroudi House, Petra Island, 1952
Friedman House, Pleasantville, 1950
Searling House, Pleasantville, 1950
Reisley House, Pleasantville, 1954
Guggenheim Museum, NYC, 1959
NJ Wilson House, Millstone, 1956
PA Beth Shalom, Elkins Park, 1959
Suntop Homes, Ardmore, 1939
Fallingwater, Bear Run, 1936
VA Pope House, Falls Church, 1940
FA Florida Southern College, Lakeland, 1940-59
MI Winkler House, Okemos, 1939
Meyer May House, Grand Rapids, 1909
Affleck House, Bloomfield Hills, 1941
Smith House, Bloomfield Hills, 1951
Turkel House, Detroit, 1958
Wall House, Plymouth, 1941
Goddard House, Plymouth, 1955
Palmer House, Ann Arbor, 1951
Weissblatt House, Galesburg Village, 1951
Eppstein House, Galesburg Village, 1953
Meyer House, Galesburg Village, 1951
Pratt House, Galesburg Village, 1951
McCartney House, Kalamazoo, 1955
Brown House, Kalamazoo, 1951
Levin House, Kalamazoo, 1951
Winn House, Kalamazoo, 1951
Anthony House, Benton Harbor, 1951
Harper House, St. Joseph, 1951
Snow Flake Motel, St. Joseph
WI Greek Orthodox Church, Milwaukee
Bogh House, Milwaukee, 1916
Richard Houses, Milwaukee, 1916
Munkwitz Apartments, Milwaukee, 1916
Smith House, Jefferson, 1951
Arnold House, Columbus, 1955
Lamp House, Madison, 1904
Gilmore House, Madison, 1908
Jacobs House, Madison, 1937
Jackson House, Madison, 1958
Unitarian Meeting House, Madison, 1951
Pew House, Shorewood, 1940
Jacobs House, Middleton, 1949
Taliesin III, Spring Green, 1925
Romeo & Juliet Windmill, 1896
Johnson House, Delavan Lake, 1905
Johnson Wax, Racine, 1936 – 50
Johnson House, Racine, 1937
Hardy House, Racine, 1905
Keland House, Racine, 1956
IL Cemetery Chapel, Belvidere, 1906
Willits House, Highland Park, 1902
Glasner House, Glencoe, 1905
Dana House, Springfield, 1902
Winslow House, River Forest, 1893
Roberts House, River Forest, 1908
Gale House, Oak Park, 1893
Wright House and Studio, Oak Park, 1889
Heurtley House, Oak Park, 1902
Moore House, Oak Park, 1924
Thomas House, Oak Park, 1901
Unity Church, Oak Park, 1906
Adams House, Oak Park, 1913
Martin House, Oak Park, 1903
Cheney House, Oak Park, 1904
Fricke House, Oak Park, 1902
Francisco Terrace Apts., Chicago, 1895
Rookery Building, Chicago, 1905
Francis Apartments, Chicago, 1895
Robbie House, Chicago, 1909
Bradley House, Kankakee, 1900
Hickox House, Kankakee, 1900
First National Bank, Dwight, 1906
Irving House, Decatur, 1910
MO Pappas House, St. Louis, 1957
OK Price Tower, Bartlesville, 1956
Lloyd Jones House, Tulsa,, 1929
TX Dallas Theater Center, Dallas, 1955
AZ Adelman House, Phoenix, 1953
Boomer House, Phoenix, 1953
Carlson House, Phoenix, 1950
Taliesin West, Paradise valley, 1938
David Wright House, Paradise Valley, 1952
Price House, Paradise Valley, 1956
CA Hollyhook House, Los Angeles, 1920
Ennis House, Los Angeles, 1923
Storer House, Los Angeles, 1923
Freeman House, Los Angeles, 1923
Sturges House, Los Angeles, 1939
Anderson Court Shops, Beverly Hills, 1952
Millard House, Pasadena, 1923
Kundert Medical Clinic, San Luis Obispo, 1955
Morris Gift Shop, San Francisco, 1948
Hanna House, Stanford, 1936
Marin County Administration Building, 1957

Personal Interviews with:

Architect Carlo Scarpa, in Rome, at Bruno Zevi’s residence.
Prof. Edgar Kauffmann Jr., New York, at his residence.
Architect James Stirling, in New York, at Ada Karmi-Melamede’s Residence.
Architect Ada Karmi-Melamede, in New York, at her residence.
Architect John Johansen, New York, at his office.
Architect Malcolm Wells, Cherry Hill, at his office.
Architect Bruce Goff, Bartlesville, Oklahoma, at Joe
Price’s residence.
Architect Lloyd Wright, West Hollywood, at his office.
David Wright, Phoenix, Arizona, at his residence.
Bruce Brooks Pfeiffer, at Taliesin West, Arizona.
Architect Paolo Soleri, Scottsdale, Arizona, at his
Architect Louis Kahn, in Tel Aviv, as his visiting guide.
Architect Oscar Niemeyer, at his studio in Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro.
Architect Daniel Libeskind, in Los Angeles, at the Meghiddo Residence.
Architect Mario Botta, in Tel Aviv.
Architect Lucio Passarelli, in Tel Aviv.



Zevi – Our Story
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2022 Selected Photography
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Architectural Photography 2022 – 2008

1971 Study on Architecture in Brazil and Argentina.
Photographic documentation of Brasilia and interview with
1968 Study on Alvar Aalto and Scandinavian Architecture:
Photographic documentation throughout Finland, Sweden, and Denmark.
Alvar Aalto’s Works Photographic Documentation:
Paimio Sanatorium, 1928
Villa Mairea, 1939
Sajnatsalo Town Hall, 1949
Town Center, Seinajoki, 1958
University of Technology Auditorium, Helsinki, 1966 Vuoksenniska Church, Imatra, 1957.
Le Corbusier’s Works Photographic Documentation:
Chapel of Nôtre Dame du Haut, Ronchamp, 1955
La Tourette Monastery, Eveux, Lyon, 1953-57
Ville Savoie, Poissy, 1929
Unite d’Abitation, Marseille, 1947-52
Unite d’Abitation, Firminy, 1964
1967 Study of the Tankezieh Madrassa in Jerusalem.
Study trip to Istanbul, Sophia, Bucharest and the Moldova Monasteries.


2022 OLLI/California State University, Long Beach – Architecture and Filmmaking
2018-2019 Skirball Cultural Center, Los Angeles – How to Look at Architecture – see

2017-2019 OLLI/California State University Long Beach – How to Look at Architecture
2006 Rethinking Greater Long Beach / Long Beach Non-Profit Partnership
2005 Master Planning Public Art / American Institute of Architects
Reinventing Long Beach / Aquarium of the Pacific
2004 Re-thinking Long Beach / The Southlander
2003 Housing for the Elderly / Senior University, CSULB
1997 Venice, Scarpa, Pellegrin / Tel Aviv Museum
1987 Introduction to Mario Botta: “The Cube and Beyond,”
Westweek 87
1985 Israel: Eighty Years Creating Collective Spaces / UCLA Faculty Center,
1982 The State of Culture in Israel / Channel 56, Rome
1975 Frank Lloyd Wright and the Future of Organic Architecture / The Association of Engineers and Architects in Israel


2003 – 2010 The Architectural Foundation of Orange County – Director
2004 – 2008 Rethinking Greater Long Beach, Founding Board Member
2006 – 2007 Riverlink Professional Advisory Group
2000 Organizing Committee Member of Bruno Zevi’s Memorial
“Entirely Architecture,” at Tel Aviv’s Opera, May 28
1998 – 2001 Member of Israel’s Futurist Society.
1997 Architects Association, Tel Aviv
1993 Organizing Board Member of the “Housing for a World in
Need” Symposium.
1992 – 1997 Juror, Student Prizes, School of Architecture, Technion.
1991 Sponsor, co-chairman and program writer of the U.S. First
Student Competition for “Architecture in Outer Space: Recreational Uses of the Shuttle’s Fuel Tanks”.


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C. Poetry Collections
1989 “Rated G” – June, 1989 -18 poems, 40 pages.
“Kroy Is Dead, Kroy Is Dead Once Again”, March 1989,
6 poems, 20 pages.
1988 “On Wednesdays Night”, December 1988, 24 poems, 48
“Super-Apex to My Holyspace and Other Poetrobics”,
June 1988, 11 poems, 36 pages.
“Work in Process”, March 1988, 45 poems, 95 pages.
1987 “I’ll Take You to the Moon”, 20 poems, 36 pages.

D. Poetry Magazines Publications

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A. Invited Talks
1988 Westwek 88, Los Angeles, March 1989: Introduction of and
translation for Arch. Gae Aulenti and designer Marco Zanusso (Italian into English).
1987 Southern California Institute of Architecture Guest Lectures
– Introduction to and presentation of Prof. Arch Luigi
– Introduction to and translation for (Italian into English)
Milan’s School of Architecture Dean, Prof. Arch.
Vittoriano Vigano.
1987 Westweek 1987, March 25, 26, 27 1987, Los Angeles:
“Structures: Styles & Substance”: Introduction to and translation for Arch. Mario Botta. Lecture by Meghiddo: “The Cube and Beyond”. Created by James Goodwin, this “meeting of minds” included the participation, among others, of Norman Foster, Paolo Soleri, Dr. Robert Orenstein, Emilio Ambaz, John Lautner, Malcolm Forbes, Andree Putman, Philippe Starck, Michael Rotondi, Tony Buzan, Achille Castiglione, Christo and Ray Eames.

B. Conferences’ Participation
2009 4th Annual Mobius LA, American Institute of Architects
2005 AIA National Convention, Las Vegas:
“Imagine, Create, Transform: The Power of Architecture”
1997 The Forum for Mediterranean Cultures, Jerusalem,
December 15-17, 1997.
Architecture Day Conference, Technion, November 1997.
Architect’s Forum, Jerusalem: “Jerusalem’s Metropolis –
Where to?” July 2, 1997.
The Jerusalem Forum, June 1997.
AIA Continental Europe Meeting, Barcelona, April 26-29.
1996 The Jerusalem Forum, June 9-11, 1996.
6th International Biennale of Architecture, Venice: The Architect as a Seismograph September 1976.
1995 Venice Biennale of Art, October 1995
1993 “Housing for a World in Need” Symposium, Technion,
December 5-9, 1993.
1994 Bauhaus World Symposium, Tel Aviv, May 5-8, 1994.
1976 4th World Congress of Engineers and Architects, Tel Aviv,
December 1976.
1975 International Congress of the UIA, Israel Delegation
Member, Madrid, May 1975.
1974 3rd World Congress of Engineers and Architects, Tel Aviv,
December 1974. Work shown at the Tel Aviv Museum
exhibition “Architecture in Israel”.


Since 2012 International Documentary Association
Since 2017 The American Cinematheque
2009 Green Ribbon, Long Beach
Since 2002 Museum of Latin American Art, Long Beach
Aquarium of the Pacific, Long Beach
Lambda Alpha International, Los Angeles
Since 1992 Association of Engineers and Architects in Israel
Association of Independent Academics in Israel
Tel Aviv Museum of Art
Since 1981 American Institute of Architects – AIA Emeritus Member since 2022
1981 – 1992 LACMA – Los Angeles County Museum of Art
MOCA – Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art
American Chamber Symphony – Board Member
Arnold Schoenberg Institute
The Association for Peace in the Middle East
1971 – 1977 Association of Engineers and Architects in Israel


English, Spanish, Italian, Hebrew: Fluent
French: Conversational