On L.A. Cathedral

Dear Rick Meghiddo:
I am writing to you immediately after having watched the video with pleasure and benefit. It provides a good idea of what the Cathedral is and for me it has been of great interest to see the way such a diverse parish approaches it. It is really moving to observe the faithful making use of a project so important in my career, as the Los Angeles Cathedral has been. Besides this, I consider very appropriate the choice of Mercedes Sosa’s music. Thanking your attentiveness in sending me the video, and congratulating you for your work, I send you a cordial greeting,
Rafael Moneo, Architect, Madrid, Pritzker Prize for architecture in 1996 and the RIBA Royal Gold Medal in 2003.

On The Wright Way – An Overture blog and photographs

Dear Rick,
Thanks for being in touch… that chronicle is fascinating.  I hope you will get a chance to visit the exhibition after it opens on June 12th (2017) and that you will let me know when you plan to come so that we can meet.
All best,
Barry Bergdoll, curator of Frank Lloyd Wright at 150: Unpacking the Archive at New York’s Museum of Modern Art. – MOMA.
 Rick, thanks for sending the video, “The Wright Way”.  It is very well done and I put it on my Facebook page so others can view it.
Keeping the cause alive is good work.  Thanks for your effort and talent.  James
James Schildroth, Architect, Maine
Thanks Rick, this is very good and well done. Also, the work you and your wife are doing is beautiful.
David Alan Milstead – Architect, Sheffield, AL
The Overture on Frank Lloyd Wright with the fabulous photographs – I had never been exposed to so much visual information on the work of the American genius and of his organic thinking. I really hope that you may be able to produce a long film (and book?) about Wrights legacy as a basis for the future of architecture.
David Sharir, Tel Aviv
Dear Rick – “The Wright Way – An Overture” is stunning and inspiring — such an ideal video for one’s contemplations as we celebrate our country’s July 4th –Also, I now feel that somehow I did not entirely miss being present at Mary and Erick Lloyd Wright’s celebration of Eric’s grandfather’s 150 birthday — for you have presented many of that afternoon’d speakers to me — Eric Lloyd Wright, Robert Clark, Dion Neutra ….and also given glimpses of the time when both you and Ruth were architecture students in Europe and then when you came to the United States and made the immense commitment to documenting all the Frank Lloyd Wright architecture that you could. I am forwarding this to some other friends who will be thrilled to click on the link below to see your recent outstanding and very moving 17-minute video.
Carol Soucek King
In considering the future of humanity and the role of architecture in giving it spatial form I think the pronouncement of Pellegrin that “change does not come out of us architect but comes out of you” the societies composing humanity, puts FLLW in its correct perspective. For a bit of welcome humility, I think Louis Sullivan had one up over both FLLW, and Pellegrin, when he wrote in his Kindergarten Chats: ” … The architect is a product of the body social, a product of our civilization … So I come at once to his true function namely the double one: to interpret and to initiate …. such buildings as shall correspond to the real needs of the people … and shall be an ethical totality”. I will not say that Sullivan’s buildings are more ethical interpretations of true human needs than Wright’s ones, they only seem, to me, to be more urbanely and integrally so.
Maurice Amiel – in Cultural Weekly
 I just finished watching your 17-minute video introduction to Frank Lloyd Wright, who I remember so well from meeting him at the University of Wisconsin, visiting Taliesen in Spring Green, WI. and spending time in a couple of his buildings in Madison, WI. and in Oak Park, IL. You captured what I knew, and added a lot more. The musical overlay worked so well in the video. Of all the interviews, I appreciated the one with Ken Burns the most. Yasher Koach on a terrific production. I hope you connect with a wide audience.
Jean Katz
This is an interesting project you are working on. You have some great old footage. I will make sure that Eric gets to see it too. Thank you again for coming to our little birthday party last month. It was a great group and the energy was really on.
Hanna Wear, Chief Associate, Eric Lloyd Wright & Associates
Dear Rick, we are happy to have read your blog – we wish you the very best. Congratulations for the beautiful video to celebrate Wright’s 150th birthday. We are sure that it was a very demanding job to put together content, images, and meaningful works. The result is excellent,  and also very moving, with many historic recalls.  It is a video structured in a harmonic and organic complexity.All the best in art and in spirit! Brotherly and organically,
Carmine and Carlo Sarno, Naples
OMG.  Absolutely breathtaking!  You are quite amazing.  I loved every moment of The Wright Way.
Diane Jacobus
Dear Rick, the more documentaries you make, the better they become. This one is beautiful and interesting. It brings much pleasure to watch all the images you made on Wright houses. However, for me, although he was the greatest architect of the 2oth Century, he did not bring a solution to the problem you show at the beginning, the world’s population growth. I am very pessimistic regarding this problem in terms of ecology, economy and human needs because the growth is much faster than the change of mindset that is needed to confront it.
Bernard Lege, Paris
You made a big job! My sincere congratulations
Massimo Dalla Torre Architetto,  Rome
Dear Rick, thank you for your documentary on Frank Lloyd Wright. What a great way of using filmmaking. I also watch your blog on the Los Angeles Cathedral. I loved it and it deeply moved me. It is an architectural work that reflects the many faces of the Church. You really captured the spirit. I always find out that the Jews who grew up in Hispanic Catholic places have a great understanding of Catholicism.
Maria Elena de las Carreras de Kuntz
Wonderful! Congratulations!!!
Mark Sudock
Splendid, creative and enlightening! Congratulations.
Patrizia Medicina
Rick, this film is wonderful and especially how you show your own connection to it. Congratulations!
Shirin Raban
Congratulations for such an eloquent documentary. Frank Lloyd Wright is immortal.
Efrain Saragovia 
I love your film. It is full of information and inspiration.
Dalia Otner, Architect, DMJ Design, Los Angeles


On The Broad: Art and People under a Veil

– The video as the heart and mind of the piece is of a quality that one can only hope to establish the standard for the next ones: well-conceived with balanced coverage of conception, construction and occupation…and of great visual quality.
A piece that is a pleasure to read and watch, from the eye and mind of a passionate observer of the built environment. Thank you!
Maurice Amiel, Retired Professor of Environmental Design at the School of Design, University of Quebec at Montreal
– Wonderful Rick Meghiddo !!! — This is breathtaking — like the Broad itself ! An absolutely splendid documentary of our new Los Angeles treasure.
Carol Soucek King
– This is a beautiful video.  Does justice to the spirit of the building, the collection and the Broads.
 Sandy Bleifer, Artist

On the “How to Look at Architecture” class at OLLI/CSULB, April-May, 2017

– Outstanding! Rick’s videos are fantastic – so unexpectedly professional Greatly appreciate his knowledge and insightful observations. I hope he does another class with more of his videos.
– Realize that there is a lot to being an architect, important to have a well-rounded background in the arts. The instructor is an expert in the field, with a lot of experience.
– Fantastic! Encouraged me to get out and experience in person the buildings. Was exited to be introduced to so many beautiful works of art. Especially loved the music in the documentaries. Wish I had a playlist. Thank you for teaching this class! I appreciate your time, expertise and kindness.
Linda Fell
– Wonderful course with the existing instructor. He successfully brought architecture to us by speaking to familiar venues! His website is also very informative. Well-paced sessions and very organized.
– Excellent! His videos were so inspiring that they lead to many questions afterward. He graciously answered all questions. How I loved this course! Everyone I spoke to in the class seemed to agree with me too.
– Very organized and planned. Extremely knowledgeable. Fabulous documentaries. A big plus!!
– One of the very best classes I have taken. Rick has a remarkable eye and has created evocative videos. I especially enjoyed the videos detailing the development and construction of buildings.
– Very interesting, well organized, well presented. Rick is very knowledgeable and an interesting instructor. The videos are terrific, but I would have liked more “lecture” about what things to look for in viewing architecture, rather than just questions and answers.
– Excellent course with much food for thought.
– Excellent. The instructor is very knowledgeable with a worldview of architecture. Enjoyed his video documentaries and his commentary.
– The best class I have attended at OLLI! The class was respectful of the instructor. They did not interrupt.
– Fantastic!! A perfect blend of film and discussion. More classes by Rick!!
– Outstanding!! Well organized and thought out. The instructor was extremely well prepared and very will ing to entertain comments and questions. The films were stunning, poignant and interesting, with well-selected music and background information. Kudos to Rick Meghiddo! Brilliant work!

On Architecture in a Nutshell

Dear Rick, congratulations, exceptional!!! I will publish your beautiful “Architecture in a Nutshell” in  www.systemichabitats.eu/systemic-habitats-expo
Michele Leonardi, Architect

On From Architecture to Urban Farming

I have watched the video “From Architecture to Urban Farming” and am truly very moved.  I have been aware of Ruth’s path — but seeing its growth from her childhood and through your years of study and work as professional architects together underscores the meaningful nature of what you are doing. Ruth, your innovative response to our urgent situation even as you convey your love and care for the abundance given us by Nature if we will only follow your lead in productively working with Nature is most inspiring – and energizing.
Rick, the cinematic skill with which you capture all of this is perfect in every aspect. Thank you for sharing this — you have provided a wonderful salute to what we all hope will be an auspicious New Year 2017 — with so much admiration and appreciation and love,
Carol Soucek King

On Farm Urbana in Downtown LA

– That’s a great video!  Really nicely put together, Rick!
Prof. Bill Tomlison
– Terrific work–thanks Ruth, Rick, Don, Bill, and Bonnie!   warm regards,
Prof. Daniel Stokols


On Who is She?

What a fantastic editing job!  Pure poetry — everyone involved must be thrilled with your capturing of this dance, Rick!
Carol Soucek King

On Jerusalem Journal

– Rick, I very much enjoyed touring Jerusalem with you. The musical accompaniment was well suited to every frame, and your simple narration added a lot. I saw sites that I had seen in 1974, and many that were new to me. I appreciated what you wrote to accompany the video, adding to my understanding of what is on the video screen. ‘Yasher Koach’ on making a beautiful visual and auditory journal of your walks through Jerusalem. I hope it receives wide distribution.
Jean Katz, Educator
– Dear Rick, you are deep, do not fall on superfluous gimmicks and remain consistent on things that interest you: love of Israel, places, architecture and people in their daily lives.
Idan Ben Shalom, filmmaker, Kibbutz Degania B
– Stupendo video! Grazie per avermi portato im questi stupendi spazi di dissonante fluidità!
Monique Sarah Levi, Architect

On Empty Lot for People

Rick, thanks for posting this great example of theater, dance, & music in unused public space. By focusing the attention of the readers of Cultural Weekly on this event, you raise the possibility that it will be replicated in other parts of Los Angeles County and across the US. Thanks for your artistry in the video, and for acting as a cultural pioneer and inspiration.
Jean Katz, Educator

On A Place for People in Los Angeles

I love the Ports of Cal and sadly watched it diminish. Now I go to King’s Harbor with a hammer and newspaper if I want to eat a fresh lobster. The slow death of San Pedro’s Harbor really confined me as it is such prime space. I know they ar planning to redevelop it butI hope it will not go in the direction that Long Beach did with its downtown waterfront of pure commecialism. Thank you, Rick, for continuing to raise my awareness of the spaces that I live in or used to live in after living in California for almost 40 years.
Elaine Quillian

On A Destination for Learning

Beautifully done, Rick. I learned many things I didn’t know before. I especially liked your comments on the integration of old and new. It strikes me that sometimes, in our rush to accept the modern, we neglect the importance of and the natural feeling of comfort that comes from an integration of old elements with new ones. My compliments on this video as well.
Judith Hecker, Ph.D., Psychologist

On Salon Sapiens

– I was extremely pleased to read Rick Meghiddo’s blog on Carol King’s intellectually invigorating series of salons. He accurately evoked the Kings’ Wonderland-like retreat in its unlikely proximity to a looming freeway overpass. In addition to the unexpectedly convivial setting, the success of these events is due as much to Carol’s astute choice of guests — not referring to myself, of course — as it is to her impeccable choice of speakers.
Bill Stern
– It is a real pleasure to see the images of the place, more than that, it has given me the hope that still, in this globalized world ,there are people who believe in the spirituality nature can bring, that human beings are longing to be in contact with the “other” and establish a real communion of ideas, thoughts and concern.
Besides, as a friend of Rick Meghiddo, I am very proud of his work
Many, many thanks.
Laura Feinsilver, Art Critic, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

On Normality Lo-Normali

Congratulations Rick
You are a creative person with a marvelous and sensible eye. Applause and much luck.
Martha Wolff, Journalist, Writer, Filmmaker

On Tel Aviv Museum of Art

I love the movement of your camera, very pleasant to the eye. The angles are fabulous. It looks very professional. Congratulations.
Idan Ben Shalom, filmmaker, Kibbutz Degania B

On Netflix Night

 Great reportage about Netflix Night IDA’s “Awards Spotlight” Night at Netflix, in Beverly Hills
 Pilar E. Galvez, Filmmaker

On Westwood LA

Alumnus aims to bring attention to architecture through film

By Savannah Tate, Journalist, Daily Bruin
My good friend Rick Meghiddo is an acute observer of places and cities
Dr. Yodan Rofe, Architect

 On Streets & Stradaccie in L.A.

Bravo ancora Ricky, le tue imagini sono di più in più professionali.
Non so come fai ad acquisire in cosi poco tempo tanti talenti? Sara una questione di gioventu?
Quanto alle strade che mostri, mica sono tanto stradaccie, c’è molto di peggio in America, specialmente nel Texas. Comunque, complimenti a te e anche alla moglie che è senz’atro la tua fonte di ispirazione…
Bernard Légé, Ingénieur, architecte, docteur en Sciences de l’homme et de la société, enseignant.


On The Blue Boulevard Vision

Oh, the seductiveness of grand utopian vision!
What Prof. Burt is not telling us is that Israel’s cities are actually not that dense, Tel-Aviv has a density of about half that of central Paris, and many other cities are actually much less dense – so there is much room to grow into within existing city boundaries, as well as much land available in the Northern Negev, where better transportation connections and the price of land in the center will make development more attractive. The island environments are financially feasible at very high densities – and if we could build the same densities on land we wouldn’t need the islands anyway.
The real, hard task for the next generation is rebuilding and reconfiguring the developed areas of the past 60 years and not investing precious resources in “colonizing” the sea. Not as sexy as these pipedreams, but much more satisfying in the end.
Dr. Yodan Rofe, Architect
– This is most interesting, astoundingly daring and important. Congratulations to Ricky for producing such an excellent video which informs us about ideas we have not even dreamed of.
Rina Freedman, Psychologist

A Destination for Learning

Dear Rick,
– I follow your videos with interest. The library video is one of the most intricate and deeply appreciative of the architecture as well as the architecture/urbanism integration and experience.
Prof. Robert Oxman, former Dean of Technion’s School of Architecture
and Prof. Rivka Oxman, Technion’s School of Architecture
– The video is terrific. It captures both the beauty and grandeur, as well as the attractiveness to visitors and readers.
David Braunstein

On The Sands of Long Beach

Rick, you’ve done it again. Taking me back to my youth and the days spent at the beach, learning to swim, surf, beach volleyball, and hanging out with friends. I’m not walking much these days, nursing a sore heel, but when I return it will be walking in the sand, remembering days past.
Diane Jacobus

On A Living Room for the City

What an amazing video.
so much unknown information.
the soundtrack is also very impressive.
Ron Ackerman

On Architects @ MOCA 

This is beautifully done.  Very provocative and fascinating.
Camryn Manheim, Actress


On Crossing Borderlines

How wondrous, fascinating, inspiring!  I am looking at this EXCEPTIONAL video you have made —  so your evening with Elizabeth Gill Lui has already taken place, and I was very happy when she mentioned that you and she had gotten together.  The keen intelligence, lifelong study and deep caring that you three artists all express made it a natural that you would be drawn to each other.
Rick, I adored seeing the pictures included in this beautiful synopsis of your and Ruth’s lives, always CROSSING BORDERLINES to make our world a better place.
Carol Soucek King